Roy A. Elliott: Old enough to remember the Gardens, but young enough to have no recollection of the 80s. Still bitter about Fraser in ’93 and Irbe in ’02. Incredulous that the Berg-Lumme pairing wasn’t the worst defensive tandem I have ever witnessed (Berg-Belak). Upset with the Danny Markov trade and the Steve Sullivan waive. Numbed by JFJ and hopeful for Burke. Absolutely terrified to live a full life without experiencing a parade down Younge Street.

Rick Lafontaine: Mats Sundin enthusiast. A believer in the truth revealed by statistics, yet I often choose to spin them in conflicting directions. Won 13 Stanley Cups in 20 years in NHL 2004 with the Leafs (I forced Eddie to play well into his late 40s.) Moderately interested in a promotion/relegation system in hockey. Confident that Pierre McGuire’s true monster is his ego. Greatest hockey high: when Mats tied the ‘Canes with 21.8 seconds left in the 2002 playoffs.
Worst hockey low: roughly 20 minutes later